How To Transfer Balance In Ncell ?[Simple Steps]

Ncell Users can transfer their money from one number to another Ncell number by using the service. This applies to any amount of money transferring from the main balance of their mobile and not a specific amount.

With Ncell, you can send a balance of up to Rs 200 at a time to another number. The minimum balance that can be sent is Rs 10 and the maximum amount to send is Rs 200 at a time. Balance transfer is only allowed between Ncell numbers.(Prepaid to another Prepaid number only)

Follow the following steps to transfer balance in Ncell from another Ncell number.

  • Dial *17122*98XXXXXXXX*Amount# to transfer balance.
transfer balance in Ncell number
transfer balance in Ncell number
  • Then Press “Call Button”
call button

For example, if you are going to transfer Rs. 100 from your Ncell number to another Ncell number you have to dial *17122*98XXXXXXXX*100#.

where 98XXXXXXX is the receiver’s mobile number

Note: Re. 1 will be your service fee per transfer

For more details Visit Ncell Support Center

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