How to see posts you have liked on Instagram?

Instagram is an online platform for sharing your special moments in the form of photos and videos. Once you’ve shared your photos or videos, your friends who follow you can like the post and vice versa. Moreover, Instagram has history options that let you view your earlier liked posts including your activities like that on YouTube. These special features of viewing your activities on Instagram can be a great help to someone.

Imagine you liked someone’s post and that you need to see it again but have already closed all the tabs. This feature of Instagram comes in handy in this situation. You can view your liked post, unlike it, or share the post at the same time. Not only this, but this feature can also save you when you’ve stalked someone and liked his/her post mistakenly.

Steps to see posts you have liked on Instagram from mobile phone?

Step 1: Open the app:

Once you’ve opened your phone search the Instagram app, which comes in pink and yellowish colors and has the symbol of a small camera. Once you’ve found it, click on the app.

Step 2: Open your profile:

Now, if you’ve already opened the app, in the lowermost corner on the left side, you can see your profile picture’s small circle symbol. By clicking the core symbol, you will get to another page which is your profile.

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Step 3: Click on the three lines:

You will see the post you’ve shared on Instagram on your profile, and the number of people following you or being followed by you. On your profile page, in the right-most top corner, you will see a three-line. Tap on the three lines.

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Step 4: Click on your activities:

After clicking on the three lines, a dialogue box will appear. There you have to select the option which says your activities. You can also see the time clock’s symbol in it.

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Step 5: Click on interactions:

Once you have clicked on your activities option, a new page of your activities will open. Here on this page, you can manage your activities. You can view the time spent on Instagram, your archive photos and videos, your account history, your recently deleted context, and so on. But if you have to see the liked photos, click on the third option named interactions. The interaction option comes with a symbol of two arrows going either way.

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Step 6: Click on likes:

After you tap on the interaction, a new page will open. Here, on this page, you can see you’re previously liked and commented posts, along with the story replies and the reviews. There you have to click on the likes option which has a heart symbol on the left side.

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Step 7: There you go:

Now you will be leaded to a page where you can see your previously liked photos and videos.

To unlike the post:

If you want to unlike the post, follow the following steps:

  • Click on the desired photo you want to unlike.
  • Click on the heart option right below the photo.
  • Your desired photo will be unliked.
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Click on the heart to like the photo

To share the post:

If you want to share some post on Instagram, follow the following steps:

  • Click on the photo/video you want to share.
  • On the right side of the comment icon, you can see a small triangular icon.
  • Press on the triangular icon.
  • Select the person/account you want to share the post and press send.
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This way you can view the photos and videos you’ve liked on Instagram. Not only this, you can, unlike the photos, even share the posts with loved ones.

Frequently asked questions:

Why did Instagram hide the likes?

Some users may not have liked posts on Instagram. It was made hidden for a friendly environment on Instagram. So, the 2022 Instagram has not exactly removed the feature but has made it hidden.

How to update the Instagram app?

The first step in updating the Instagram app is opening the Play store if you are an android user, and the Apple store if you are an iOS user. Then search the Instagram app on the suggestions option. You can then press the update option in the Play/App store.

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