Ncell Data Packs Schemes And Activation Process

Ncell Telecoms has come up with some new Ncell data packs for Nepalese – you can use them to take up the right amount of internet data depending on what your Internet needs are. In addition, you’ll be able to get on the internet while acting as a mobile user.

The data offers available in Ncell carry a validity date. They are listed along with the code you need to subscribe to, activate and deactivate. We will share updated offers with you as the date gets closer.

There are different types of data packs available like Ncell Top Selling Data packs Hour Packs, Popular Packs,1 Day Packs, 3 Day Packs 30 Day Packs, Mero Plan Data Pack, Lockdown Offer, Student Plan, etc. and their pricing are also different.

Ncell Top Selling Data packs

Dial *17123*1# to activate top selling data packs.

The following list are the schemes of top selling data packs:

  1. Gajjabko Daily GB pack
  2. Triple Majja
  3. Youtube Nonstop
  4. Facebook Nonstop
  5. Tiktok Nonstop
  6. Nonstop Youtube and Facebook + 4 GB @ Rs 191/7 day
  7. Combo Packs

Hour Packs

Dial *17123*2# to activate hour packs.

The following list are the schemes of hour packs in Ncell:

  1. 1hr. @Rs.22
  2. 15min @Rs.30
  3. 2hr @Rs.30
  4. Day Unlimited @Rs.39(6AM-6PM)
  5. 24hr Unlimited @Rs.48
  6. Rs.25-100MB+200min Allnet(5AM-5PM)
  7. Rs.25-200MB+250min Allnet(10PM-7AM)

Popular Packs

Dial *17123*3# to activate popular packs.

Popular Pack
Popular Pack

To choose the required data packs just select(1- 8) numbers and send it

1 Day Packs

Dial *17123*4# to activate 1 Day data packs.

3 Day Packs

Dial *17123*5# to activate 3 Day data packs.

30 Day Packs

Dial *17123*6# to activate 30 Day data packs.

Mero Plan Data Pack

Dial *17123*7# to activate Mero plan data packs.

Mero plan
Mero plan Data Pack

To choose the required Mero Plan data packs just select(1 -6) numbers and send it.

To deactivate the Mero plan, please type D and send SMS to 302 or dial *17123# and choose Switch to Sajilo from the Mero Plan menu.

Lockdown Offer

Dial *17123*8# to activate lockdown data packs offer.

Lockdown offer
Lockdown offer

To choose the required Lockdown offer just select(1 -3) numbers and send it.

Student Plan

Dial *17123*9# to activate Student Plan data packs.

Student Plan Data pack
Student Plan Data pack


Dial *17123*10# to activate DataSangaiBima@Rs30 data packs.

How To Activate Ncell Data pack

  • Activate it just by Dialing *17123# on your phone. Now your call has been redirected to the Ncell data pack buying service
Activation Ncell Data pack
Activation of Ncell Data pack
  • Choose any of the Ncell data packs with a validity period of your choice and send.
Ncell Data Packs Collection
Ncell Data Packs Collection
  • You will immediately receive a notification on your phone to alert you about service activation. Now you are ready to use the Ncell Data Pack

How To Deactivate Ncell data pack

  • Type D and send SMS to 302

Frequently Asked Question

How can I buy data pack in Ncell?


 To buy data pack in Ncell just dial *17123# on your Ncell smartphone and Select the require data Pack.

How can I get unlimited data in Ncell?

To get Unlimited Data Pack in Ncell just dial *17129*2# .

How can I buy 1 GB pack in Ncell?

To Get 1 GB pack in Ncell just dial *17123*1*1#. The price of 1 GB data pack is Rs. 129 which is valid for 7 days.

How do you get 7day data pack in Ncell?

Get 7 day data pack in Ncell just dial *17123# and follow the instruction but You won’t be able to deactivate these packs until the validity period is over.

How To deactivate data sangai bima in Ncell?

Data Sangai Bima Pack cannot be deactivated. This pack will automatically expire.

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If you have any queries regarding data packs please contact Ncell Customer Care.

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