How to withdraw money from eSewa account?

eSewa is one of the oldest and popular digital payment service providers, mobile wallets, and payment gateway of Nepal. It was established in 2009 which provides easy and secure digital/mobile payment services since then. You can enjoy different services provided by eSewa by registering an account with your mobile number.

You can transfer funds from your eSewa account to bank account and withdraw money from eSewa account in these few simple steps: –

Steps to withdraw money from eSewa account

Step 1: First get login to your eSewa account using either mobile eSewa app or web dashboard ‘’.

Step 2:  Tap on ‘Bank Transfer’ icon from the listed menu on the screen.

How to withdraw money from eSewa account?

Step 3: Select the destination bank, account number, account holder’s name, amount to transfer into the bank account, the purpose of transfer, and the remarks.

image 3

Step 4: After that, click on ‘Check Transfer’ button to proceed ahead.

image 4

Step 5: A new page will load showing all the details, Check all the details and then you can click on ‘Proceed’ button.

Step 6: At last, you have to enter your MPIN of eSewa account and the money from your eSewa account will be transferred to the bank account.

This way, you can withdraw money from your eSewa account.

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