How to transfer money from Khalti to eSewa?

Directly we cannot trabnsfer money from Khalti to eSewa. There is no any direct feature to transfer funds from Khalti account to eSewa account. In case you sort of money in your eSewa account but have amount in your Khalti account, then you can do one thing to transfer your Khalti account’s fund to your eSewa account.

Steps to transfer money from Khalti to eSewa

Step 1: Login to your Khalti account using either mobile Khalti app or web dashboard ‘’.

Step 2:  Tap on Bank Transfer and choose your bank.

Step 3: Enter the account number, account holder’s name, the amount to transfer into the bank account and the purpose of transfer, then Click on the ‘Withdraw’ button.

Now, the money from your Khalti account will be transferred to the bank account immediately.

Step 4: Open your mobile banking app and get login.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Load Wallet’ option.

Can we transfer money from Khalti to eSewa

Step 6: Tap on ‘Load eSewa‘ option.

image 117

Step 7: Now, enter the amount to be deposited, eSewa ID i.e. your registered mobile number/ Email) and choose any options from drop-down menu for the purpose of loading in eSewa wallet and click on Proceed button.

image 118

Step 8: Verify your transaction details.

Step 9: Enter your pin to proceed with your transaction and tap on the ‘Confirm’ option.

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