How to pay Electricity Bill from Khalti?

Electricity bills are payable from Khalti Digital Wallet. People do not have to wait for long and tiring queues just to pay for the electricity bill. Now, people can easily pay their electricity bills from their own house in a few seconds.

This article will guide you on how to pay electricity bill from Khalti app or website.

Steps to pay Electricity Bill from Khalti

Step 1: Open the Khalti app or visit ‘’.

Step 2: Log in with your credentials on your Khalti account on either app or website.

Step 3: Make sure you have enough balance to pay for your bill.

Step 4: Then go to the ‘Electricity Bill Payment’ section.

pay Electricity Bill from Khalti

Step 5: Confirm whether your counter is available for payment in the list of counters. Select your counter if it is available.

Step 6: Enter the SC number and your Consumer ID.

image 1

Step 7: Then, click to get details, to get the pending bills for your account.

Step 8: Tap on ‘Confirm’ to pay your electricity bill and then your transaction is completed from your digital wallet.

Note: The time interval for the NEA bill service payment is available between 10 AM to 12 AM-midnight.

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