How to Load Fund in Khalti?

Khalti is one of the popular digital payment service providers, mobile wallets, and payment gateway of Nepal. Khalti was established in 2017 which provides easy and secure digital/mobile payment services since then. You can enjoy services provided by Khalti by registering an account with your mobile number.

Khalti provides a mobile payment solution for mobile recharge, making utility bills payments like of electricity, water, internet bills, and numerous other services. But, you need to have money in your Khalti account to make these payments. Do you want to know how money can be loaded in your Khalti wallet? You have different procedures to load money in your Khalti wallet whether you have bank account or not doesn’t matter.

Different Methods to load money in your Khalti account

1. Internet Banking

Step 1: First, open Khalti app or visit ‘’ to access the login panel of Khalti.

Step 2: Once login is completed, go to Service panel, then click on Load fund.

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Step 3: After clicking Load fund, select the bank from where you want to load money in Khalti (Note: Only the bank listed in the menu can be selected) and enter the amount in the Amount Option.

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Step 4: Once you press ‘Load Fund’ button, you will be redirected to Login panel of Internet Banking login portal.

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Step 5: Login to the Internet Banking panel with your credentials (username & password).

Step 6: Once you click Pay, you will receive an OTP code, enter the OTP for the payment process, to proceed click Transfer else Cancel Request to cancel the transaction.

Step 7: Once the button is pressed, fund will be successfully loaded to your Khalti account and you will be redirected back to Khalti, and the message appears as ‘Fund has been loaded successfully’.

2. Mobile Banking

Step 1: Open the Khalti app and login to it with your credentials.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Load Fund’, and tap on mobile banking and choose your bank

Step 3: On the mobile banking app, tap on ‘Load Wallet’ and choose ‘Khalti Payment’.

How to Load Fund in Khalti

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to load, your Khalti ID, your bank account details, and tap on ‘Send’ button.

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Step 5: After this, your Khalti wallet will be loaded.

Step 6: You will get a confirmation message on your mobile phone from the bank about the transaction.

Step 7: You can now go to your Khalti app and see ‘Transaction History’ for confirmation. You will find your Khalti account being loaded.

3. Khalti Transfer (Send/Request)

If you are a sort of money in your Khalti account, then you can ask your friends, family members, and relatives who use Khalti to transfer funds to your Khalti account. For that follow the following steps:

Step 1: Login to your Khalti Account using your registered phone number and password.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Send/Request’.

Step 3: Enter the mobile number to whom you’re sending the fund and the amount of fund, and click on ‘Send’ button. Likewise, to request fund, on the ‘Request’ tab, enter the mobile number from whom you’re requesting fund, the amount of fund requested, and click on ‘SEND’ button.

Step 4: After the transaction has been completed, your Khalti wallet will be loaded immediately.

Step 5: For confirmation, you will be receiving a message from Khalti on your mobile number. Go to Khalti App and refresh your balance.

This way your Khalti account will be loaded.

4. Khalti Pasal (Cash Agents)

If you do not have amount in your Khalti account and also in your bank, then you can go to a nearby Khalti Pasal and ask for a fund transfer to your Khalti account. There are more than five thousand Khalti Pasal spread across different locations all over Nepal. So you can go to your nearby cash agent of Khalti and ask them to fund your Khalti account in exchange of cash money.

5. Cash Deposit Vouchers

You do not require a bank account to load funds to your Khalti wallet. You can load fund in Khalti using cash deposit vouchers. Cash deposit vouchers of Khalti are available in NIBL, Machhapuchchhre Bank, Lumbini Bikas Bank. Shangri-la Development Bank and ICFC Finance for now.

Step 1: Go to the nearest branch of any of the mentioned five banks above.

Step 2: Ask for Khalti Deposit Vouchers and fill it out.

Step 3: Deposit the voucher along with the amount to be deposited in the cash counter.

Step 4. Your Khalti wallet will be loaded immediately.

Step 5: For confirmation, you will receive a message from Khalti on your registered mobile number. Go to the Khalti App and refresh your balance and your account will be loaded.

6. Linked Account

Step 1: Open Khalti app.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Load Fund’ option and click on “Linked Account”.

Step 3: The linked bank which you linked in Khalti will be displayed in the tab “Linked Account

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to load and alsoenter the remarks section.

Step 5: Click on “Load Fund” button.

Step 6: Now your Khalti wallet will be directly loaded from your linked bank account.

Step 7: You can now go to your Khalti account and see “Transaction History” for confirmation. You will find that your Khalti account being loaded.

This way, you can easily load your Khalti account if you are in a sort of fund in your account.

If you are still confuse on how to How to Load money in Khalti then do watch this video:

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