How to go live on Tiktok?

Tiktok is an online platform for sharing videos with loved ones. Tiktok is a very trending app and is used all over the world. You can share your videos and edit them on Tiktok. Once you have gained much popularity and have become famous or viral in Tiktok it is good if you interact with your fans for more time. You can share more of your content or you can even go live to interact with your fans so that the fans could know more about you.

Tiktok can even be used for more good activities like raising someone’s voice and public awareness about certain matters. If you go live and interact more with your followers and fans, your reach may again increase. You can even raise funds for some charity after being live. So there are many pros to the TikTok live option.

Requirements to go Tiktok live:

You can’t go live randomly if you have fewer followers or if your age doesn’t support you. Below are the requirements to go live on Tiktok:

1. Age:

You must be 16 years or more than that to go live on your Tiktok account.


You must have 1000 or more followers to go live and interact with your followers and fans.

Steps on going live on Tiktok:

Follow the below given steps to go live on Tiktok:

1. Click on + sign:

Open your Tiktok account from where you want to go live. Now, look on the middle bottom option from where you can add, edit or share the videos. Click on the plus (+) sign.

live on Tiktok

2. Select Live:

Now once you’ve clicked on the + plus, scroll to the bottom options to see the live option. Click on the live option to go live and interact with your followers.

3. Be ready:

Now you can choose filters, turn on and off the comments, select a caption, add a topic and many more. Manage your settings for going live.

4. Click on go live:

Once you’ve become ready to go live click on the pink button to go live.

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Can’t go live even when you have already reached 1000 followers?

If you have some problem in going live on Tiktok even if you have already crossed 1000 followers in Tiktok, you will have to report this problem to TikTok. Tiktok will eventually respond you or add a live option to your account after doing so. So follow the simple steps to report the live problem to the Tiktok:

  1. Click on your profile ( me option).
  2. Take a screenshot of your profile.
  3. On the topmost right side, you can see the three lines. Click on it.
  4. Click on settings and privacy.
  5. Scroll down to a see report of a problem. Click on it to report your live problem on Tiktok.
  6. Scroll down and search for Live. Once you’ve found it, click on it.
  7. On the same page, click on the second option “I can’t start a life”.
  8. Now TikTok will inform you that you have to be 16 years old to carry out live. If you are less than 16 years old, you can’t go live.
  9. Then on the “was your problem resolved” option, click on No.
  10. Now you will see a need more help option on the same page. Click on it.
  11. Write a description of your problem and ask the TikTok team to resolve the issue you have on Tiktok.
  12. You can even add a picture of your profile which you took on the second step.
  13. Click on submit option in the pink bar.
  14. You will have to report this problem a few more times if you still don’t have the live option in it.
  15. Eventually, after some days you will see a live option in your account or you will get some response from TikTok.
  16. You can check your Tiktok response from the notification option.
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So follow these simple steps to go live on Tiktok and interact with your fans.


Can you go live on Tiktok if you don’t have 1000 followers?

No, at first you should have 1000 followers to go live.

Does age matter while going live on Tiktok?

Yes, age is one of the most important things while going live on Tiktok. If you are below the age of 16 years, you cannot talk with your fans live.

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