How To Check Ncell Number and NTC Number ?

Do you ever often forget your mobile number? Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t remember your mobile number and put a sticker with it on the back of your phone? Have you ever called your friends just to check the number?

You can check your mobile phone number in only a few simple steps with our NTC, Ncell, and Smart Cell! You just need to follow the following easy steps:

How to Check Ncell Number?

Follow these simple steps to check Ncell Number:

  • Just Dial *903# and make a phone call on your mobile.
to check Ncell number
to check Ncell number
  • Or, you can also dial *103# and make a phone call
  • Now you can see Ncell number on your phone screen.
Ncell Number
Ncell Number

How to Check NTC Number ?

Follow these simple steps to check NTC Number:

  • Just dial *9# and make a phone call
to check NTC number
to check NTC number
  • Now you can see your NTC number on your mobile screen.
NTC number

NOTE: This method will work only for GSM numbers. but not for CDMA numbers.

Note: To know more about short codes visit here: Useful Short Codes

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