How To Activate 4G In NTC ?

With 4G and LTE, you can now browse more efficiently and quickly. You will end up getting a better browsing experience and your data consumption will go up . Buying the appropriate data plan is recommended for you because it will provide an opportunity for great savings. In this articles we will be discussing how to activate 4G in NTC and its benefits.

The 4G/LTE service is for both GSM Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

How To Activate 4G In NTC ?

Follow the following steps to activate 4G in NTC:

  • Just Dial *444# on your mobile phone.
activate 4g in ntc
activate 4g in NTC
  • After that Type 1 and send it.
4g activation process in ntc
4g activation process in NTC.
  • Now your 4G service will activated
4g activate
4g activate

Benefits of upgrading to 4G

It will ensure an immersive, buffer-free experience & high-quality streaming with no buffering. It will not only improve your mobile internet speed but also the quality of other services such as video or music streaming.

If you have any queries contact NTC support Center

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