Honda XR150 Price In Nepal, Mileage , Specs and Features

Honda, one of Nepal’s most trusted two-wheeler companies, has been ruling the market for decades.

In Nepal, Honda has introduced the Honda XR150. The Honda XR150 is a type of motorcycle that may be used on broad highways, gravel roads, city streets, and dirt trails. For all riders, Honda XR150 is a traveling companion. It is one of Nepal’s top-performing dirt bikes thanks to its comfortable seating and handling. Honda XR150 is for riders who loves adventure.

Honda XR150 Price In Nepal and Availability

The top-of-the-line Honda XR 150L is the ultimate dirt slinger manufactured by Honda. The bike has a strong engine and a reasonably light body and simple operating. Interestingly, there is only one variant offered: Honda XR 150L. The color available for the bike is a combination of black, red and white. In terms of cost, the Honda XR 150L is available for Rs.6.49 Lakhs in Nepal.

ModelPrice in Nepal
Honda XR150 Rs.6,49,900

Honda XR150 Full Specification


Width: 820mm
Ground clearance:245mm
Kerb weight:129kg


Fuel tank capacity12L
Starting methodElectric with Kick starter back up
Displacement150 cc
Max net power12.14 HP @ 7750 RPM
Max net torque12.5Nm @ 6000 RPM
Compression ratio9.5:1
Stroke57.8 mm
Bore57.3 mm

Tyres , Brakes and Suspension

Wheel Type:Spoke
Tyre Type:Tube
Radial Tyres:Yes
Front Tyre Size:90/90-R19
Rear Tyre Size:110/90-R17
Front Wheel Size:19
Rear Wheel Size:17
Front Brake Type:Disc
Rear Brake Type:Drum
Front Suspension:Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension:Unit Swing

Honda XR150 Overview

Major Highlights

image 1
Credit: Honda Nepal

The XR150 expands Honda’s well-known farm lineup. The Honda XR range can be legendary among off-road motorcycle enthusiasts. The high-performance 150cc engine on the XR150L features reduced friction, improved fuel efficiency, and cooling performance. It has an Engine Balancer, which reduces vibration for a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience. The XR150L is a 150cc-class dual-sport motorcycle inspired by Honda’s legendary CRF line of dual-sport motorcycles. It is designed for both on and off-road use. The XR150L, unlike the CRF, is more street-friendly, with a wider, more comfortable seat and less off-road biased tires.

Engine Specification and Mileage

Powering the Honda XR 150L is a single cylinder four-stroke engine of 150cc. The engine is SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) providing higher engine speed which results in a greater number of revolutions per minute (RPM). The engine is air cooled providing a peak power of 12.14 PS at 7750 rpm.

Honda XR150 Engine
Credit: Honda Nepal

Also, the maximum torque provided by the Honda XR 150 engine is 12.5 Nm at 6000 rpm. The engine is connected to a five-speed gearbox which helps to provide the ease of use of an automatic transmission with the sportiness and increased fuel economy of a manual transmission. In addition to the gearbox, the engine is also connected to a 12L fuel tank which is ideal for a 150cc bike. Along with this, the Honda XR150 has programmed fuel injection which produces smooth and consistent torque at low rpm, plus excellent high-rpm performances.

 Moreover, the engine provides a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour (kmph) but you can obtain the best performance at 80 kmph when the engine comes out at around 6000 rpm. The bike provides maximum mileage of 35 kilometers per liter (kmpl) which lies in the mid-range among the 150 cc bikes available in Nepal. The bike has a range of 400km to 420km with a full tank. The compression ratio for the engine is 9:5:1. Along with all these specifications, the Honda XR 150 is of BS6 emission standard making it more environmentally friendly as it produces a lesser amount of Sulphur gas.

Suspension, Wheels, and Braking System

The Honda XR 150 sits on a single downtube chassis and the starting mechanism is a self-starter as well as a kick start. Having both kinds of starting mechanisms is better because there might be chances of battery drain when the bike is not used for a long period of time. Suspension duties on the bike are handled by telescopic forks with 180mm of axle travel at the front end which has a higher capacity to absorb shock. On the rear end, a single shock swing arm with 150mm of axle travel is used which provides ease of maintenance.

A single-sided swingarm allows the exhaust pipe to be mounted closer to the centerline of the bike, resulting in a high bank angle for sporty cornering for the dirt bike. Moving on to the breaking duties, the braking system consists of a 240 mm dual-piston capiller at the front end. The dual piston capiller mechanism generates more torque which means more stopping power.  The capiller mechanism is paired with 110 mm rear disc brakes enhancing the braking control of the bike.

However, the Honda XR 150 bike does not use a standard Automatic Braking System (ABS) which might be a doubt for the safety of the braking system. Also, the bike has a wet clutch system with five friction plates and four steel plates which makes the clutching system because the fierce clutch engagement is damped down by the lubricant. In addition to this, the bike has multiple disc clutch increasing the torque transmissivity and less weight making it suitable for heavy bikes.

As for the tyre, the Honda XR 150 has tubeless tyres with a size of 90/90 R19 at the front end and 110/90 R17 at the rear end. Here R19 and R17 indicate the inches of tyres and we can clearly see the front tyre is bigger than the rear one.


 The Honda XR 150 has a kerb weight of 129 kg which is comparatively heavier but the use of all metallic components adds up to it. The length of the bike is 2100 mm, its width is 820 mm and its height is 1126 m. These dimensions may seem a bit more compared to other 150cc but we should not forget the fact that the Honda XR 150 is a dirt bike.

Credit: Honda Nepal

The wheelbase of the bike is 1360 mm making it able to corner faster but the design is not aerodynamically smooth. Also, the seat height is 825 mm (which might be a bit higher than normal) making the pedaling smoother and faster and the body is positioned properly. The significant ground clearance of 245 mm makes it best for off-road travel.

Additional Features

Adding up, the drive type of Honda XR 150 is chain drive which ensures that there is no slip and creeps during power transmission as a result of which the velocity ratio is perfect. Similarly, the bike has an analog speedometer to indicate the speed, an analog odometer to show the distance traveled by the two-wheeler, and also an analog trip meter to show the distance traveled by the wheel during each trip. Along with these, the Honda XR 150 has an analog console to l measure and show the user’s pedaling cadence in revolutions per minute (RPM).

The Honda XR 150 also comes with a pass switch which is used to alert the oncoming traffic about your presence as well as an engine kill switch. The major advantage of having the engine kill switch is that it helps in Stop/Go Traffic or short halts which saves your fuel without spending time repeatedly switching ignition ON/OFF by key. But remember when the engine kill switch is turned on, neither the self-start mechanism works nor the kick start mechanism works as all the components are completely shut down.

Small details matter, which is why Honda includes a transistorized ignition system with ECU and start button in the new XR 150, making it ideal for any type of user. The throttle response is exceptionally smooth. The Honda XR150 has a full view of the instrument cluster with legible, simple controls.

The Honda XR150 has a crossbar design handlebar that is designed to be fully compatible for challenging off-road riding, with positioning that provides a commanding riding position and a full view of an instrument cluster with legible and easy-to-use controls. In addition to a comfortable seat for both rider and pillion, the Honda XR 150 consists of a rear carrier. The large and sturdy carrier is fitted to the standard and can carry up to a 20 kg load.


The Honda XR 150 is a perfect bike to represent the duality of the XR family, the bike is designed to respond well in the city and beyond. Its off-road characteristics make the bike more desirable to the youths. The distinguishing characteristics of the Honda XR 150 are economy, strength, more power, and deftness. The Yamaha XTZ 125 and Hero XPulse 200 4V are major rivals of the Honda XR 150 as they offer better features at a much lesser price.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the Price Honda XR150 In Nepal

The Honda XR150 Price in Nepal is Rs.6.49 Lakhs.

Is the Honda XR 150 a dirt bike?

Honda XR150L is the smaller, less powerful version of Dirt Biker with something for both on and off-road Vietnam.

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