How to get eSewa QR Code for Business & Personal?

In this digital era, technology affects the lives of millions throughout the globe. The impact of Digital Money has been significant. In our country Nepal, with the mobile penetration of more than 90%,the market for digital payment is considered to be enormous.

A QR code is a type of matrix barcode for an initialism for a quick response code. As its name gives meaning to quick response, it provides easy access to online information with quick responses. We do not have to go and search on the URL for the site or do not have to fill up the whole detailed information to pay. If we can make a QR code for that site, we can easily access it with a quick response by scanning the QR code.

eSewa has introduced a QR code Merchant and personal QR code in order to enhance digital payment in Nepal with the vision of Digital2020.

What is eSewa QR Merchant?

As eSewa official has mentioned, eSewa QR code Merchants are those legal business entities who are willing to receive payment at their counter using eSewa as a payment option. Nowadays we can see QR codes in the counter of many shops. Now, customers at your counter can simply Scan and Pay through eSewa or mobile banking.

How eSewa QR Merchant Works?

In QR payment, the customer scans the eSewa Merchant’s QR code that is displayed by the merchant or the QR printed. They scan the QR code and pay for the services that they had consumed. Then, they enter the amount to be paid and write remarks and submit the payment. After this, the customer confirms the payment by entering either his MPIN or Fingerprint (if he/she has given a biometric), thereby completing the transaction. The QR Merchant instantly receives the payment in their eSewa wallet.

Who can enroll for eSewa QR Merchant?

Any legal business entity registered with Nepal Government and possessing valid documents can enroll for an eSewa QR Merchant Account

How to enroll for QR Merchant?

To enroll for the QR merchant, you have to email at with your details or contact the eSewa Customer Care at toll-free number 1660-01-02121.

How to get Personal QR code in eSewa

eSewa has recently introduced a personal QR code to make transactions easier. Scanning QR code and sending money with one tap is the newest feature added by eSewa.

If you do not see your QR code in your eSewa app then update your eSewa app to get your QR code now.

Let’s go through how can you scan & pay from your eSewa app.

Step 1: First, open eSewa app and get login with your credentials.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Scan & Pay’ option from the menu listed which lies at the bottom of the screen.

image 95
Step 2

Step 3: After tapping on ‘Scan & Pay’ icon, a new page will load with camera on.

If you want to pay others, then you can simply scan the targeted QR code from camera or choose from gallery if you already captured other’s QR code and pay.

image 96
Step 3

Step 4: If you want to share your QR code, then swipe-up the ‘My QR code’ section and you can find your QR code with details below. You can share your QR code to others as well or download your QR code.

image 97
Step 4

This way you can get your business eSewa QR merchant as well as Personal QR code.

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