Does eSewa work in USA?

Does eSewa work in USA? The quick answer is yes. Recently, eSewa Money Transfer has partnership with a digital remittance, called Remitly. Remitly is one of the fastest digital remittance company that offers international money transfers to over 135 countries. With the use of Remitly, we can send money from Australia, USA, UK, Canada, and other European countries. eSewa Money transfer in collaboration with Remitly offer three modesto receive money. In this article, let’s have a look on it.

  1. Cash Pick Up
  2. eSewa wallet credit/load
  3. Bank Account Deposit

Cash Pickup

Cash Pickup is one of the mode to receive money through Remitly. In Nepal, there are more than 8,000 eSewa agents all around the country. eSewa Money Transfer provides an easy and online platform to pick up the money sent through this mode. Directly, you can pick up the money sent to you in your eSewa Wallet. It is similar to normal remittance cash-out process. You only require your eSewa Wallet. The process of picking up the remitted amount in your eSewa Wallet are as follows:

  • Select the Country
  • Enter the Control Number provided by the sender
  • Enter the amount sent to you.

The system must match the details that you entered. If all the details match, then  system confirms it’s you and you shall receive the amount of yours in eSewa wallet instantly.

Wallet Receive

You need to send your registered mobile number of your eSewa account to your family/friends who lives overseas. In Remitly’s App Sender, you can get the option to choose eSewa from the “Delivery Method” section.

Bank Account Deposit

Another mode to get money from Remitly is Bank Account Deposit. You can directly receive money in your bank account too. Choose the Bank Account option, then destination Bank’s Name, Bank Account Number and Account Holder’s Name then money will be credited to your account number.

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