How to Change Facebook password?

When you enter the digital world, the first thing to keep in mind is to be secure. You have prolly heard the advice that you should change your digital account passwords every few months. The reason for changing passwords is to keep your digital accounts secure and you to be out of the hands of hackers and scammers.

Most people keep terrible passwords on their digital accounts. If you also have some like that, you should change your passwords to something more secure now.

Facebook is top most popular social networking site. Even a child to elderly people uses Facebook. It’s a good platform to get connected with people. Through Facebook, the world has become smaller in the sense of getting connected virtually but sometimes the same thing you enjoy most can make your life miserable if you are not much concerned about your security.

A good password in terms of security is the only one part of having a secure Facebook account. 

Changing your Facebook password is an effective measure to enhance your account’s security and of yourself too. Facebook offers the option to change the password from the PC and mobile phones.

We will guide you through the steps involved to set a new password for your Facebook account.

We will guide you step-by-step on how to change your password on Facebook, using both the desktop site and the mobile app.

How to Change Facebook password on PC/ from Desktop Site

Follow the Given steps to change Facebook Passwords on PC:

  • Login to your Facebook account first.
  • Click your profile picture in the top right of the page.
image 2
  • Select “Settings and privacy”, then click “Settings”.
image 3
  • Click “Security and login”.
image 4
  • Click “Edit” next to Change password.
image 5
image 6
  • Enter your current password, new password and retype new password to match.
image 8
  • Click “Save Changes”.
 Change Facebook password on PC/ from Desktop Site

That’s all! Now you can login your account with new password.

At last you will get a message saying if you want to get logged out of any devices and check for the changes to your account.

image 10

How to Change Facebook Password Using Your Phone

Also let’s see changing Facebook password on mobile phone:

  • First open the Facebook app on your mobile phone, open the main menu by tapping the icon on the far right of the toolbar.
image 11
  • Scroll down the Menu and tap on “Settings& Privacy,” then tap “Settings”.
image 13
  • In the Security section, tap “Password and Security.”
image 14
  • After entering Password and security section, look down on the “Login” sub-section. Click on “Change Password” option.
image 15
  • Enter your current password, type your new password, then retype your new password in the respective fields.
Change Facebook Password Using Your Phone
  • Tap “Update Password” to save your new password. And with that you’re done. 

Now you can login to your Facebook account with new Facebook password.

You have to follow the above mentioned steps while changing your Facebook password. It only take few minutes which will secure your account and keep you away from the hands of unethical hackers.

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