Can you see who viewed your Tiktok profile?

Tiktok is a trending app all over the world. Tiktok is even famous among the younger ones as well as old age ones. So it’s very normal to be curious if you are stalking your Tiktok profiles to see your videos. For this, the app did not have the “who can see your profile” feature before, but nowadays, TikTok has further impressed users by proposing this feature. A new update in Tiktok can be used for viewing your stalkers who visited your profile. This feature is mostly used by teenagers more than the younger and older ones.

This feature of viewing your stalkers on social media has been a mystery since no other trending social media like Instagram and Facebook has this feature. Since TikTok has this feature, it’s even more fun and exciting to make TikTok videos. However, if you use TikTok for comparatively less time, this update may not appear on your phone. You will need to update your Tiktok account for this feature to apply to your profile.

How to see who visited your Tiktok profile?

Follow the below steps to see who visited your Tiktok profile:

1. Open Tiktok:

You can view the people who stalked your profile in the Tiktok app itself. You don’t need any other side apps for this feature. So the first step in viewing your stalkers is opening the app “Tiktok”.

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2. Open your profile:

You can see a small circle option with your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the app. This is the option that leads you to your Tiktok profile. Click on your profile.

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3. Click on the eye:

If you’ve your update ready in your Tiktok app, an eye symbol will appear in the topmost right corner of the page. If your Tiktok account has not been updated, a calendar symbol will be seen. So first, you will have to update your profile. The eye symbol is on the right side of the three lines in the topmost right corner.

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4. Tap turn on:

A new page with profile views will open. You need to turn on the features of profile view history and then you can get access to viewing your stalkers. So tap on the pink button “turn on” in the bottom right corner.

5. There you go:

You will be led with a new page of profile views. Here you can see the list of people who visited your profile.

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To update your Tiktok profile

You have to update your Tiktok to see who visited your profile. If you are an Android user you need to open Playstore and if you are an Apple user, you need to open your Appstore. On the search, the menu searches TikTok. You can see an update option on the right side. Tap on the update option to update your Tiktok app.


With the help of this new feature of Tiktok, you can see who viewed your profile. This feature can make your curiosity silent. And since the update is available in the Tiktok app itself, you also don’t have to download or install any other app which is a plus point with this feature of Tiktok.

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Can you save any Tiktok video in Tiktok itself?

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Yes, you can save the Tiktok video in Tiktok itself. For this, you have to open a Tiktok account. Then open any video that you would like to save. Then, on the right side below the comment section, you will see a small bookmark sign. Click on it to see the videos in the future.

When did the new view of the profile update come on Tiktok?

Tiktok made the update of the viewing history in 2022.

For how many days the Tiktok shows the view history?

You can view Tiktok’s “who can see your account” for 30 days. Then, all of the histories will be cleared after 30 days. With this update, you can see who viewed your profile at the same time, when you view someone’s profile, the person will also be notified. So, be careful while viewing someone’s profile too. You can also turn off this feature if you find this feature annoying.

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