Best laptops for students in Nepal[Price List, Specs]

Students can make their tike productive if they have a very well-performing digital device like a laptop. The laptop is one of the important devices which you will need in student life. To learn new things, to try new software regarding the course, and to get new knowledge not only by studying books but also by using digital devices. Nowadays, online learning is in trend which can teach very different new things to your children.

Not only this, a laptop is essential to the children for doing their assignments from different softwares. You can also make your laptop as a book or copy and store your files. You can get pdf form of the book itself and learn it from laptop. So there are various advantages of giving a phone to a young student.

Besides the study, the laptop can also be used for paying games and for refreshment. If you are planning on getting you or your child a new laptop, then this article is for you. In this article we have closely studies the specs and features of the different laptops and chose those which is suitable for the students.

Requirements of the laptop for students:

1. Processor:

There are main two types of processors mostly used in laptops. They are Intel processors and AMD Ryzen processors. The Intel processor is better than that of AMD but, for students, who will not have to work on the graphics and coding side, both the processor will work magnificently.

But if the workload is more and the students will have to use different big software like AutoCAD, photoshop, and many more, then Intel processor will more graphics will help. For students who will have assignments only on Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft word, or excel, the processor won’t matter much. You will have to get a good processor in the given price range though.

2. RAM:

If your workload is more and you will have to multitask on your laptop, then a laptop with greater RAM is needed. The RAM helps in the smooth functioning of the laptop. So, you should get a laptop with 8 GB RAM if you will have more workload. But, if you want a laptop for just viewing pdfs, scrolling and surfing on Google, or typing and making PowerPoint presentations, or Microsoft word reports, 4 GB RAM might also work for you.

3. Display:

The display is one of the important aspects you will have to consider while buying a laptop. The touchscreen display will be a better option for you if you are still a student. The touchscreen laptop will allow you to write some points on your laptop by touching your screen itself so making notes will be much easier. Also, on top of that, a 360-degree rotation on the laptop will be a great combo with the display. You will be able to flatten your laptop screen and fold it, making it used like a book or copy and the touchscreen in addition allows you to write on top of it.

For the screen display, try to avoid TN panels and look forward to an IPS display screen. The TN panels will have a dull screen while the IPS will be more clear with a good color adaptation. So IPS panels are a better choice here.

4. Internal storage:

Internal storage matters a lot for a student’s laptop. You will have to store so many files, folders, notes, books, pdf, and many more. So try to get a laptop with SSD memory rather than HDD memory. If both are available, then it is a better choice. If you are getting a laptop will all the specs which you need except the SSD storage, then don’t go for below the 1 TB HDD storage.

5. Graphics card:

Well, the graphics card is not so important if you don’t have to work much on graphics. But if you are an architecture student or graphics designer, the graphics card matters a lot. For the architecture or graphics designer student, 6 GB of graphics is the minimum in the laptop. Though the laptop with more graphics cards may be a little more expensive, the laptop will be a great help. But if you are students which doesn’t want any graphical representation, graphics cards won’t matter much. Just try to get a laptop that performs simple and basic gaming.

List of the laptops for students in 2022:

Dell Inspiron 3501Rs. 87,990
Acer Aspire 5Rs. 84,900
Asus Vivobook M515DRs. 90,990
Apple Macbook Air M1Rs. 1,48,000
Lenovo V15-ADARs. 59,500
HP 14 DQ2055WMRs. 67,500

1. Dell Inspiron 3501:

Dell Inspiron 3501 is the first laptop which is on the list. The laptop is a cool device with great specifications at an affordable price. For the design, the Inspiron 3501 has a simple design. Nothing fancy is seen on the outside of the laptop. The building is of plastic with a huge 15.6 inches screen.

The bezels found in this dell Inspiron is pretty big at the tip and bottom but have a slim and sleek bezels on either side of the display of the laptop. Also, the finish on the laptop is of a matte design so that it holds a grip in it and also doesn’t take any fingerprints on it. The dell Inspiron 3501 weighs 1.8 kg and measures about 0.71 inches – 0.78 inches thick. So, this laptop can be a little heavy to carry from home to college. Also, rubber feet are provided on the laptop to prevent it from overheating.

For the display, the FHD VA panel is provided with a 60 Hz of refresh rate. Also, the saturation and the brightness of the screen seem a little dull so working outdoors may be a problem. However, the VA panels look more interesting and glowy than the other laptops here. Also, just for students to enter the online classes, the dell Inspiron 3501 has a 720p webcam on the front. The keyboards are a bit firm so you will need to press a little hard on the keyboard.

For the processor, the dell Inspiron 3501 has a pretty interesting performance which is powered by Intel core i5-1135G7 (11th gen). Also, 8GB DDR4 RAM along with ternary storage of 256 GB SSD storage is provided. This processor can smoothly handle some multitasking and big software. But, as this laptop is not meant for playing games, the laptop is not suitable for high end games.

Also, the battery pack in this laptop is of 42WHr battery which can hold up the device for quite a nice time.


Anti-glare LED Backlight 
1920 x 1080 pixels
PROCESSORIntel Core i5-1135G7
42 WHr
OSWindows 10 Home

2. Acer Aspire 5:


Acer Aspire 5 is also one of the quite famous laptops. It is also a good choice for the students out there. Talking about the build, the laptop, Acer Aspire 5 has a plastic body and an aluminum lid. The metal finish has a smooth surface. The smooth surface however takes our fingerprints very quickly. There are 5 different color options for the laptop which are blue, silver, pink, black, and gold.

The laptop also provides a hinge which helps to uplift the keyboard a little bit. For the ports, you will find 2 USB A, a USB C, HDMI, DC-IN, and a Ethernet port on the left side. While on the right side, a 3.5 mm headphone jack with Kensington lock is provided.

Talking about the display, 14 inches full HD display with IPS LCD type is provided. For brightness, the Acer Aspire 5 can provide up to 269 nits of brightness to the screen at peak. So the dullness of the screen can be avoided and can be used outdoors. For taking online classes, Acer Aspire 5 has a 720p webcam on the front. For the keyboard, the white backlight is provided with the keyboard being white.

For performance, the Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor is packed on the device with Nvidia MX350. Also, for the memory, 8GB DDR4 RAM and 512 GB NVME SSD. The memory and storage can be enough for the students. Also, the storage is upgradable so you don’t have to worry about the storage. The processor performs quite well for multitasking. For the battery, a 52WHr cell is provided with 65 Watt AC power adapter is provided.


FHD IPS Display
RESOLUTION1920 x 1080 pixels
PROCESSORCore i5-1135G7

3. Asus Vivobook m515d:


Next on the list is the Asus VivoBook m515d which is also a pretty decent laptop for students. The laptop weighs 1.9 kg which can be heavier for those students who will have to carry it far. For the looks, either side of the laptop has small and sleek bezels whereas the top and the bottom one has little thick bezels. On the bottom center, you can also see Asus branding.

You can also get the laptop in various colors which are transparent silver, Slate Grey, and Peacock Blue. All of the colors look surprisingly good. With its thickness of only 2.5 cm, the laptop can be sleek in terms of thickness.

Coming to the display, a screen size of 15 inches is provided with a 1920×1080 p resolution. The laptop display is also provided with an anti-glare with 200 nits of brightness. The brightness in the screen can be a little problem while working in the bright outdoors.

For the processor, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor is provided which works quite well. Also, a memory of 8 GB with an internal storage of 1 TB HDD and 512 GB SSD is featured in this device. The storage and memory are enough for any student to perform equivalently. Also, for the battery, 2 cell lithium ion with 2 Watt-hours battery is provided which will have very good battery life.


RESOLUTION1920 X 1080 pixels
PROCESSORAMD Ryzen 5 3500u
OSWindows 10

4. Apple MacBook Air M1:


Apple MacBook Air M1 is one of the most expensive and well-deserving best laptops. The Apple MacBook Air M1 will be the best choice for students who are thinking of getting a good laptop by investing a good amount of money. The design, of design of the laptop, has not changed from the previous laptop.

The laptop has a unibody with aluminum chassis with apple branding in the middle of the backside of the screen. You can get two colors in the MacBook which are gold and silver. You also get a touch I’d for security. The keyboard is a backlit keyboard that will help the students to work in the darkness.

For the display, 13.3 inches display screen is featured along with the Retina display type. You also get a clear resolution of 2560x1600p along with 400 nits of brightness. The 400 nits of brightness are very bright and are saturated enough to work outdoors. However, bezels are the most notable things in this MacBook because the top bezels are a bit thicker. On top of that, a 720p webcam is provided on the front.

For the processor, this laptop is 3.5 times faster than the previous generation. So it performs very smoothly without any issues and lagging. Also, the MacBook is small, tough, and portable. This MacBook only measures 1.2 kg in weight and therefore is a very lightweight laptop. Also, the M1 chip performs excellently with fast performance and no fan incorporated into the laptop. And for batteries, only a 5 nm processor is used so, it is very power efficient. It can be used for 18 hours continuously (advertised).


Retina IPS display
True Tone technology
RESOLUTION2560 x 1600 pixels
BATTERY49.9Whr LiPo Battey
30W USB-C power adapter
PORTS2x USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports, 3.5mm headphone jack

5. HP 14 DQ2055WM :

fvgbh 1

Another laptop on the list is the HP 14 DQ2055WM. It is one of the most awaited and reliable laptops for students. The HP 14 has a good processor and performs very equivalently. HP 14 is a budget phone which is very thin, light, and portable. The laptop is in 90-degree rotatable mode which is very helpful for students. The laptop is a beautiful silver color and has very firm keyboards.

For the display, 14 inches full HD display is featured in the HP 14 DQ2055WM. The laptop has a good resolution of 1920 x 1080 Pixels and has a display type of IPS panel Anti-Glare. On top of that, 250 nits of brightness are provided on the laptop which gives enough brightness to the screen while working outdoors.

For the processor, the HP 14 DQ2055WM is powered by Core-i3 11th-gen. This processor is for small work and little multitasking. The processor is not meant for hardcore gaming and can only perform some basic gaming. Also, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD go better in this laptop with a processor. The memory and storage make the overall performance better.


RESOLUTION1920 x 1080 Pixels
PROCESSORIntel Core i3-1115G4
BATTERY3-cell Li-Ion battery
OSWindows 10

6. Lenovo V15-ADA:


Lenovo V15-ADA is the next laptop on the list of best laptops for students. Talking about the design, the Lenovo V15 has a very clear and neat design. The simple design suits the laptop very well. The laptop is very durable and reliable. For the display, the laptop has a TN display-type screen of 15.6-inch screen.

The display type is not a very good one being a TN panel but is a decent one considering its price. The resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with 220 nits of brightness. The 220 nits of brightness will be good enough to use in outdoors. The anti-glare display also performs well in the display of the laptop.

In addition, the laptop is thin and slim and measures 1.8kg in weight. The 1.8kg may feel a bit heavy. For performance, Lenovo V15-ADA is powered by AMD Ryzen 3-3250U along with AMD Radeon graphics. The processor is not a very strong one but you can rely on this laptop for durability. A memory of 8 GB DDR4 RAM along with an internal storage of 256 GB SSD is provided.

Also, 35 Whr Integrated Li-polymer is provided which can be used for 6 hours straight. Along with the battery, a 65W charger is provided along with the charger.


DISPLAY15.6-inch screen
Anti Glare technology
RESOLUTION1366×768 pixels
PROCESSORAMD Ryzen 3 3250U processor
BATTERY2 cell, 35Wh
65W round tip adapter
OSWindows 10 Home


So, this is the list of best laptops for students in Nepal. There are many laptops from which you can choose. Always look after your purpose of buying the laptop before choosing one. Think of the specifications and the features which you want in your phone.


Why is a laptop so important to students?

The laptop is an important device for students to learn new things. When we talk about giving a laptop to students, we only think about games and surfing the internet which is not important thing. But actually, students will need a laptop to complete their assignments, learn new things from the Internet, learn to use new software, takes notes for different subjects, etc. In case, you don’t get a book on any subject or topic, these days, you can also get it from pdf on internet. So that the students can also learn from the laptop. That is why students are important the students.

Is Apple MacBook Air M1 good for students?

Yes, the MacBook Air M1 has an excellent display, an incredible processor, and good memory and storage. The device also has a solid design and build. The MacBook is not only good for students but also great for professionals who tend to work all day and night.

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